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Focusing on Lenses

There are so many different types of lenses, when it comes to figuring out what you need, it can be a daunting shopping experience. Many people go through an experience similar to what I did… start with the kit lens your first DSLR comes with, buy an inexpensive telephoto zoom, pine for better results, hit […]

Reading the Histogram

One of the most misunderstood tools that most cameras, and every piece of post-processing software I’ve ever used, include is the histogram.  There are sometimes multiple histogram readouts available, which offer a ton of information about your image. However, the one I find the most helpful when it comes to judging exposure is the luminosity […]

Valentine’s Day Special–Hand Holding with your Camera

Okay, so this post isn’t about holding hands with your camera. However, it is about how to properly hold your camera in your hands in order to get nice sharp photos. Properly hand-holding your camera is all about providing a stable base for your camera to minimize any movement while the shutter is open. Movement […]

Reading The Meter–A Tale of Exposure and Other Settings

I’ll start this post off with a big disclaimer… Read your camera’s manual! I use this disclaimer because I’ll be providing info on where to find certain settings, modes, and information on your camera’s display or readout. However, this information varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from camera to camera. In some cases, information is […]

Exposure–Tying It All Together

Now that you (hopefully) understand the concepts behind aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, it’s time to review how they interplay with one another, and show how you can manipulate them to improve your photography. For the most part, manipulating exposure is a matter of simple math, with a good understanding of the settings themselves, and […]

Exposure, Part 1 – Shutter Speed

Previously, we discussed the concept of exposure, and it’s three components – aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Perhaps the easiest component for beginners to understand is shutter speed, so we’ll begin there.

The Basis of Things to Come

Too dark… Too light… The concept of exposure, in my view, is critical to understanding almost everything in photography. From getting the right color in your images to understanding the markings on your lens to the mode dial on your camera, all of these things are rooted in in the concept of exposure. Of the […]

Which Camera Should I Buy?

VS By far, the question I’m asked the most by friends, colleagues, and acquaintances concerns which camera they should buy as their first DSLR, given a choice of two or three models from competing brands. In truth, brand matters far less than most people think. There are certainly the fair share of brand loyalists out […]